About Jack Hayward High School

Jack Hayward High School, named after Sir Jack Hayward, one of the original pioneers and developers of the city of Freeport, and major shareholder of the Grand Bahama Port Authority Group of Companies, is a co-educational Government Public Senior High School with a student body of 1400. Situated on "Wild Cat Ave." (named after the school mascot) in the area of Freeport known as Pioneers Loop, originally known as Pioneers Loop High School, the name was changed to Jack Hayward High School and officially opened by The Rt. Hon. Hubert A. Ingraham, Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas on Thursday, 29th January, 1998.

Occupying eight acres of land, the JHHS campus houses both the main, administrative block, and five subsidiary technical and vocational workshops. With five administrators and a teaching staff of eighty, Jack Hayward High School offers a broad spectrum of educational opportunities through its more than twenty departments, and a sense of community service and psychological nurturing through its extra curricular, after school programmes. In addition, there is the yearly exchange programme, organized by Frances Singer-Hayward, between JHHS and "Boys Harbour" in New York, which sends a group of students to summer camp in East Hampton, New York, after hosting their New York counterparts in the Bahamas over the Easter holidays.

JHHS students excel, not only academically, but in the area of sports as well, and are constantly recipients of awards, and winners of tournaments. The JHHS Cheerleaders, Jr. Junkanoo, Wildcats basketball team (winners of the famous and coveted Hugh Campbell Tournament in Nassau) and the school band have all brought honor and glory to the school time and time again, and levels of academic excellence and achievement are constantly on the rise.

"We believe that our teachers are committed to the pursuit of excellence, that our students come to us with potential and that meaningful exposure to education will foster respect for self, others, and God."

"To provide all students with adequate opportunities to attain the highest levels possible in academic and technical/vocational education, while simultaneously enabling them to develop socially, morally, spiritually, intellectually, physically and economically for a productive life."

JHHS has a very active after school programme which includes three community service clubs:

INTERACT CLUB - sponsored by Freeport Rotary Club
KEY CLUB - sponsored by Kiwanis Club
ANCHOR CLUB - sponsored by Pilot Club

Academic Science
Liberal Arts
Business Studies
Music Department
Modern Language
Technical Studies
Electronic Technology
Electrical Technology
Welding Technology
Construction Technology
Environmental Science
Computer and Architectural Design
Commercial Art Department
Cosmetology Department
Home Economics
Physical Education
Mathematics Department
Language Department
Special Education
Hospitality Training
Pre-Allied Health
Guidance Department
Religious Studies