Places available for on-the-job training: Rand Memorial Hospital, Lucayan Medical Centre, Sunrise Clinic, other clinics, dental offices and pharmacies.

Jobs available as trainees: Nurse’s Aid, Dental Assistant, Pharmacy Assistant, X-Ray Assistant, Laboratory Assistant, Medical Assistant, Physiotherapy Assistant.

Internship: There is a 20-week internship, one day per week, in grade 12 which starts in January and ends in June. A certificate of completion is given as are awards for outstanding performance.

Allied Health Careers (with further education): Nurse, Environmental Health Services, Dental Hygienist, Pharmacist, X-Ray Technician, Medical Lab Technician.

Requirements for joining the course (Recommended): BJC – Science or Health Science.

Course fee: $95 for record keeping book + extra for practical equipment as and when needed.

Additional information: Projects to be completed in health occupations. Field Trips to hospitals and clinics. Students should be self-disciplined and able to develop self-initiative. Personal traits should include courtesy, diligence, a sincere concern for others and the ability to maintain confidentiality.