Plumbing Course Outline: Workshop safety, Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures, Steel and Pipe Fittings, PVC Pipe and Fitting, Pipe Design, Pipe Thread, Copper Piping, Flux and Soldering.

Job training sites: Jervis Plumbing, Pinder’s Plumbing and other such firms, G.B. Millwork and other suppliers.

Jobs available: Pipe fitter, Plumber, installation and repairs to sewer lines, water lines, plumbing equipment and services.

Job prospects: Very good in the Plumbing and Construction industries, as well as Rough Plumbing, Pool maintenance and installation, and Landscaping/Irrigation systems.

Salary range: Starting at $20,000 - $30,000 per year.

Requirements for joining the course: Mechanically inclined, well-mannered and self-disciplined.

Course fee: $50 per year

Additional information: This is a fast growing trade. There is a demand for good plumbers and the possibility of starting your own company.


Places available for on-the-job training: BORCO, Mechanical Engineering, Cruise Ship Repair Facility, Curtis Welding, Quality Services, Tri-Star Development Co.

Jobs available as a trainee: Welders, Pipe Fitters, Marine and Automotive Welding, Wrought Iron Fabrication.

Job prospects: Professional welder, Muffler specialist, Steel Work (construction industry), Pipe Fitters and Underwater Welders (with additional training).

Salary range: $7-$12 per hour. Foreman: $16,000 - $20,000 per year. Contractors over $30,000 per year.

Requirements for joining the course: Basic English, Math and Science. BJC’s recommended.

Course fee: $50 per year plus Kit and Textbooks $70.