The Hearing Impaired Unit

HEAD OF DEPARTMENT: Delores Kellman-Jones

Teachers: Geneive Evans, Walcot Friend and Janet Mills-Shepherd

Our main goal is to provide students with the opportunity to experience a broader choice of subjects, especially in the technical/vocational area, and to develop skills to survive in the “real” world, so that they become productive, well-adjusted members of our society.

In August 1997, we experienced a renaissance in the way we educate our hearing impaired students in Grand Bahama. A special education teacher, Ms. Delores Kellman-Jones, along with three hearing impaired students – Deaudra Russell, Royann McBride and Jonathan Cooper, were transferred from an isolated school for the hearing impaired, namely the Grand Bahama Centre for Deaf Children, to Jack Hayward High School. This move marked the beginning of serious partial/full inclusion of hearing impaired students in our public high schools.

Mr. Lewis Friend and Mr. Clifford Briggs, along with three other students, joined the department in 1998.

This inclusion program has proven to be quite successful academically and socially.

Within the Hearing Impaired Unit:
Family Life
Health Science
Religious Knowledge
Social Studies
Within the School:
Agriculture Science
General Science
Health and Family Life
Physical Education

The Hearing Impaired Unit currently has two students.